Our QMP Services

Accreditation Services

  • Assist Corporations with preparing a Quality Management Plan to become self accredited.
  • Provide customized compliance management programs.

Plan Reviews/Examinations

  • Review drawings to gather information to issue a permit and prepare for inspection.
  • Examination of drawings for code compliance where required.

Permits/​Project Registrations

  • Issue permits / project registrations to clearly communicate scope of work defined in the project, for Category 1, Category 2, Category 3.
  • Provide permit and or project registration files to manage compliance monitoring.


  • Provide inspection reports that are complete, concise, accurate, specific and audience focused.
  • Identify all deficiencies and verification of compliance to ensure deficiencies close outs are managed. 

Variance Approvals

  • Assist in determining if a variance is required. 
  • Ensure variance meets all requirements.
  • Provide variance approvals

Compliance Monitoring

  • Work with the corporation in monitoring compliance as required by the Safety Codes Council to meet and pass internal and external audits.

Compliance Coordination

  • Provide scheduling assistance for QMP requirements for projects and annuals. 
  • Provide on site QMP coordinator -Safety Codes Officer. 

Non-Maintenance Logs

  • Work with the corporation in providing and managing non-maintenance logs,  required for Category 1 annual permits.

Compliance Consulting

Provide technical code compliance solutions during design and construction.


Training courses offered, If you have a particular requirement for training your people, please contact us and we will work with you to develop specific training to meet your needs.

Check out the training page for courses offered.